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Give from your Heart
Give from your Heart

Give from Your Heart

Give of what you like… your giving grows bigger


SOS Children's Villages Palestine welcomes receiving Sponsorship, Zakat, and Eidiyah for children throughout the holy month of Ramadan 2019.

Every generous donation for orphaned and abandoned children contributes to a decent life for them to grow up without the feeling of deprivation and celebrate Ramadan.

Together we will support more than 3000 orphaned and abandoned children.

You can change an orphan’s life forever by offering them a sponsorship to support them as they grew up.

Sponsor a child today in Palestine!

Monthly Sponsorship                    Annual Sponsorship

           100 ILS                                         1200 ILS                                                  

How to give to Children at SOS Children's Villages - Palestine:

1-  Donate Cash or Check

  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem /Hermann Gmeiner Street-Al Karkafeh: 022742267
  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village in Rafah/ Tel al Sultan Street: 082150240
  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village National Office in Bethlehem Nazzal Building, 4th Floor, Al- Mahd Street: (0)2 276 5671

2-  Bank deposit or transfer :

a) Arab Bank

  • Account # (USD): 9050-707834-510
  • Account # (NIS): 9050-707834-570

b) Bank of Palestine

  • Account # (NIS): 0452/1057205/099/3000/000
  • Account # (NIS): 0450/1382955/099/3000/000 

3-  Pal Pay authorized payment centers:

This is through the approved payment centers of PalPay in all regions, in order to find the nearest authorized payment center close to you Enter the link below. Choose the province then the city and then estine(SOS children’s village) of the item (services) and conduct a search, you will see a list of the closest places you can go to proceed with the payment of sponsorship or donation (to the children’s Village). The merchant will receive the amount with your mobile number, to be contacted by SOS team to confirm receipt of your donation.For PalPay Link ,  


4-  Donate through CAF America:

You can sponsor or donate for a child or a family that includes 7-9 children in SOS Children’s Villages along with their SOS mother : 

  • Sponsor a child for 500 $ Annually.
  • Donate for a family 1000 $ Annually .

If you are a US tax payer in the US you can receive a tax deduction receipt for donations . for further details please contact us at :[email protected] . 

You can Donate through CAF America by : 

1- Online : by visiting CAF America donation platform :

2- Wire transfer: by using the banking information below :

​a) Wire Transfer
CAF America
Account #: 001923459009
ABA Routing #: 026009593

b) ACH Transfer
CAF America
Account #: 001923459009
ACH Routing #: 054001204

c) Bank Address:
Bank of America
730 15th Street NW 1st Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005

  • CAF America requires that all wire transfer donations be accompanied by a gift form , you can download the gift form from the following link. 
  • The grant suggestion will not be processed until the signed gift form is received.


*Please note that CAF America is a qualified International Organization to receive donations on behalf of non-governmental organizations around the world. So when your donation is equal or more than 500 USD Dollars, CAF America will double match your gift for SOS Children’s Villages Palestine.





*Please contact us at [email protected] once you donate through CAF America in order to receive confirmation or acknowledgment of your donation - sponsorship.