The Head of the Juvenile Prosecution Office, Mr. Thaer Khalil, invited seventeen year old Maya for an introductory field visit to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office to learn about its’ work procedures and spend the day as the Chief of Juvenile Prosecution. In addition, giving the child representative an opportunity to ask questions related to her dream of studying law and defending children’s rights in the future.

Maya, living at SOS Youth house in Bethlehem, is pursuing her role as head of Palestinian Children Council in Bethlehem governorate and representing children in her age. Her field visit included a tour at the Public Prosecution – Juvenile Prosecution Office, where she was acquainted with the mechanism of work and the competence of each unit. This was followed by a visit to the Independent Commission for Human Rights hosted by Dr. Ammar Dwaik, who in turn received Maya and explained the mechanism of the ICHR work and its’ role in defending children’s rights, hoping that she will then pass on what she learned to children of her age.

Being granted this opportunity, Maya had previously participated in capacity building trainings given by Mr. Khalil at SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem; on documenting violations’ against children in addition to participating in writing a guide for children’s complaints and educating children about its importance and the mechanism for documenting the violations they face in all life aspects.

It is noteworthy that the Juvenile Prosecution and SOS Children’s Villages Palestine are in the process of strengthening cooperation through signing new memorandum of understanding. In order to protect children’s rights and facilitate the process of transferring children to alternative care within SOS Children’s Villages Short Term Care Centers that are recently operating at SOS Children’s Villages Palestine in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

17-Year-Old Maya Takes On Duties Of Chief Juvenile Prosecutor