“She couldn‘t read before she came to SOS. but now she reads to her brothers and sisters.”

Before coming to SOS, nobody in Riham’s* family took responsibility for her. Nobody ensured that she or her sister went to school or received a proper education. She and her younger sister, Aya, came to SOS with a speech disability, because they had not received the proper care as children. When she arrived at SOS, she was very behind in school. She had a lot of catching up to do!

Im Sabah, Riham’s SOS Mother, worked very hard to help Riham in her education:

“We made sure that she went to school. We sent her and her sister to speech therapy. The great thing about Riham is that she loves to study. She tries really hard and she is motivated from the inside to keep studying, despite all the struggles she has faced so far. I remember that 2nd grade was really difficult for her. She was still catching up from a lack of education. But 3rd and 4th grade slowly got better. Last year she received 89% at school. I was so proud of her. English is still a challenge for her, so this year, we will bring a private tutor to help her with her English and math lessons. It’s encouraging to see how far Riham has come. She couldn’t read when she came at the age of 11, but now she reads to her brothers and sisters.”

Riham is especially proud of the progress she’s made:

“I really want to understand, so I try my hardest at school. My mama helps me with the things I don’t know. Now I understand school and it is a great feeling!”

Since Riham came to SOS, she has worked hard to reach where she is now. Her grades are excellent, her math has improved, and she is even writing short stories. None of this would have been possible in a life without school; without SOS.

*Name of child has been changed for child protection and privacy purposes.

A Life Without School