Education, First Step towards Brighter Future

Omar is in the third grade at Hermann Gmeiner SOS School in Rafah. He lives with his family in the SOS House, under the care of Mama Kifah; an alternative SOS mother who takes care of seven children including the 8-year-old Omar.


Mama Kifah says: “Omar helps me tutoring his sister some letters. He loves to study and wishes to be a teacher in the future, and I always encourage him to fulfill his wish.” .

Omar lived among difficult family conditions with his natural family, which prevented him from living his childhood like all of his friends, that is before he joined the SOS Children’s Village in Rafah. He was not able to play and spend the happy childhood moments like the rest of his companions due to the lack of a safe family atmosphere.

During the first period with his SOS family at SOS Children’s Village in Rafah, Omar was suffering from the inability to write or read, and has difficult health problems that no one cared about treating which could have affected his future. He also preferred not to talk to anyone about his feelings, desires, or wishes.

With the help of Mama Kifah and after joining his SOS family, Omar got used to the lovely family atmosphere, got excellent grades at school and became more interactive and involved in the school and society. He started telling his SOS mother all the details of his day and expressing his great longing for her upon his return from visiting his natural family. Omar gained back his brightness and laughter, which circumstances forced him to lose. Nowadays, he is energetic , engaged in activities loved by those around him, and he has become more stable and balanced.


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