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Child Safeguarding Officer 

SOS Children’s Villages takes action for children as an independent non-governmental social development organization. We build families for children in need, we help them shape the development of their communities, we respect varying religions and cultures, and we work in countries and communities where our mission can contribute to development.
SOS Children’s Villages-Palestine started its operation in 1966 with the first SOS-Children’s Village in Bethlehem and is currently searching for experienced Child Safeguarding (CS) Officer to join the team of Children’s Village Programme in Bethlehem. The Child Safeguarding (CS) Officer will report directly to the National Child Safeguarding (CS) Advisor.
Position summary and main aims:
The mission of the CS Officer is to coordinate and support the implementation of the Child Safeguarding Policy and other related policies and principles in Bethlehem SOS village, in order to mitigate existing child safeguarding risks for children who are directly and indirectly cared for and supported through SOS Bethlehem village.
In coordination and under the supervision from the National Child Safeguarding Advisor, the CS Officer will contribute to greater integration of the Child Safeguarding Policy of the SOS, by working on reporting, and responding to child safeguarding incidents and implementing preventive measures by localizing child safeguarding rules at the village level, among children, co-workers, and whoever has direct or indirect interactions with the children.

Location: Bethlehem

Contract: one year Limited Contract and might be extended

Direct Supervisor: National CS Advisor

  • Key performance areas and main responsibilities:
    Raising awareness of the SOS Child Safeguarding Policy and principles:
    • Conduct trainings and awareness-raising sessions on SOS’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct, for the children, village staff, visitors, and whoever interacts with the SOS children, directly or indirectly.
    • Advocate for Child Rights, the Child’s Best Interest Principle, Child Safeguarding Policy and the SOS Care Promises.
    • Ensure a child abuse-free environment for the SOS children inside and outside the village.
    • In coordination with other staff in the programs, the SCO is responsible to prevent and protect children from all forms of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, and negligent).
  • Preventing and mitigating possible CS risks for children
    • Contribute to annual self-assessment in coordination with the national child safeguarding advisor.
    • Contribute to conducting annual program risk assessment and defining and following up on mitigation actions.
    • Provide support in defining priorities in the area of Child Safeguarding and developing an action plan.
    • Coordinate with program staff and the National Child Safeguarding advisor to assess CS risks for new activities conducted in the program.
    • Support the National Child Safeguarding Advisor in conducting Child Safeguarding audits and other relevant activities with the children and staff.
  • Reporting child safeguarding concerns and child safeguarding incidents in Bethlehem Village
    • Responsible to report all Child Safeguarding concerns, and complaints immediately following Child Safeguarding reporting procedures , within 24 hours.
    • Treat all kinds of complaints with high seriousness even if the child safeguarding incident/complaints were built on mere suspicions.
    • Ensure that all complaints received at the program level are registered promptly.
    • Disclose any conflict of interest related to the reported child safeguarding incident.
    • Ensure the availability and accessibility of children and adults to proper reporting channels.
    • Prepare monthly written reports on Child Safeguarding to the National Child Safeguarding Advisor.
  • Responding to all the reported CS concerns and incidents in the program
    • Report all allegations received immediately to the National Child Safeguarding Advisor and develop an incident management plan.
    • Commit to confidentiality and the information-sharing protocol.
    • Ensure that to start the responding measures within 48 hours of receiving the complaint.
    • Conduct initial and evidence-based full incident assessments, using the suitable data-collection method(s), e.g, interviews, focused groups…etc.
    • Coordinate with the local Care Team to develop individual support plans for the survivors/victims based on the outcomes of the assessment, ensure that the victim’s needs are met in a timely manner, and follow up on the implementation of the individual support plans.
    • Ensure management and maintenance of all the documents related to the incident.
    • Ensure proper closing of the cases promptly.
    • Document lesson learned as per the incident management findings.
  • Child Safeguarding (CS)
    • Responsible within own area of work to raise awareness of the SOS Child Protection Policy principles and to prevent and protect children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination.
    • Responsible to report any CS suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately, following Child Safeguarding reporting procedures. CS reports should be made to the IOR CS focal person and/or to the respective line manager.
  • Key skills and qualifications for the position:
    Must criteria
    • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, e.g. Counselling/Social Work/Mental Health, Child Rights.
    • At least 3 years of experience working directly with vulnerable caregivers and children.
    • Experience in conducting awareness-raising and capacity buildings workshops.
    • High ability in observation and monitoring, especially during fieldwork/visits.
    • Ability to conduct case assessment/information collection using creative tools and strong communication skills.
    • Ability to combine field and office work.
    • Good command of written and spoken English.
  • Competencies – knowledge, skills, abilities
    • Good knowledge of social welfare policies, services, and laws at the national level and the national child protection and social system.
    • Good knowledge of child’s rights on the international laws level, especially the International Convention on Child Rights (CRC), and the obligations of the State of Palestine towards it.
    • Good knowledge of child development, family functioning, human behavior and social environment.
    • Knowledge of social work ethics, theories and methods related to working with children and families.
    • Understanding of cultural diversity, and the characteristics of special target groups.
    • Good time management, organizational and administrative skills.
    • A team player who is culturally astute, respectful and tolerant.
    • Readiness for professional development.

Preferred Additional Criteria
• Experience in investigation of child abuse and neglect.

Interested candidates must send their Cover Letter including related job achievements, CV, and three traceable references to:
Jobs@sos-palestine.org by Sunday 12th of February 2023.
Indicating in the subject line: CS Officer
Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Applications after deadline will be excluded. Applications not conforming to the conditions will not be considered.
Certificate of Good Conduct/Police Clearance is mandatory to be submit in case of selection.