Hassan lived within hard family conditions in the midst of his biological family while deprived of his childhood like other friends of the same age, before joining the village.Hassan joined SOS Children’s Village in Rafah and was suffering from the inability to write or read and due to psychological stress as a result of psychological pressure and thinking continuously of his biological family. “He was silent, withdrawn and refused to talk to anyone about his feelings, desires or wishes” says Yasmine his SOS Mother. Intensified efforts of SOS team and with the focus of work with great effort by the social councilor and in cooperation with Hassan’s SOS Mother, he was provided with courses in learning difficulties such as academic aspects.  An individual development plan was developed to help him overcome the difficulties he passed and heal of its effect.As a result of this hard work, Hassan improved his academic degrees and received the appreciation of excellence. He became more active and merged with his brothers and sisters in SOS Children’s Village in Rafah. He told his alternative mother of all the details of his day, where he gained back his singing and laughter in which he was forced to abandon.Currently, he is striving for life, integrated into the activities and programmes of the village and popular among his surrounding, he become more stable and balanced. Hassan says: “Now my favorite time spent with Mama Yasmin and my brothers, after finishing my homework we watch TV together”