Hala drew a picture for her SOS Mother Wesal on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Nine-year-old Hala lives at SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem, she loves drawing special things to her heart. She started expressing herself with her SOS Mother and using colors.

Above the drawing in the picture Hala wrote in Arabic: “Your love, your safety, there’s heaven under your feet, when you laugh life blossoms, with you I feel safe”. She ended with, “My mom, you’re in my heart”.

Mother Wesal has a surprise of her own for Hala. She plans to organize an exhibition of Hala’s drawing in all the homes at SOS Children’s Village. “I want to encourage her talents,” Wesal says.

Hala’s favorite subject to draw: girls. Why? “Because they are beautiful girls,” she replies.

Hala on the occasion of Mother’s Day