SOS Children’s Villages in Bethlehem hosted Mr. Thaer Khalil, Head of the Juvenile Protection Office, in order to enable children to learn about their legal rights and the cooperation of government agencies with local community organizations in raising children’s awareness about the importance of their legal rights and creating awareness among children.

During the workshop SOS Children’s village Bethlehem, Mr. Khalil stressed the importance of empowering children with knowledge about laws relating to their protection rights. He presented a summary on the work of the prosecution, which stems from its belief in the importance of partnership with children wherever they are individually or through civil society institutions. It is noteworthy that the juvenile prosecutors spread in 13 governorates in Palestine, with 34 prosecutors working with children investigating the crimes and violations of child victims in the community. The prosecution also supervises the procedures for protecting and integrating children into society.

The workshop was organized through SOS Children’s Village Program in Bethlehem, with the efforts of the supervisor of the Girls youth house Lara Tohma and the Youth House supervisor Mohamed Lahham, in addition to the presence of approximately 40 children and children from the SOS Children’s Villages in Bethlehem. The workshop included extensive discussions between the children and the Head of the Juvenile Prosecution, Mr. Khalil, about violations to which children are exposed in our society and who should be notified in cases of danger to the child, in addition to introducing some laws that protect the rights of children and will enhance their sense of safety and protection.

The Child Protection Coordinator at SOS Children’s Villages Palestine said that they are working to implement the principles of the protection policy and creating awareness among children to implement the reporting and response procedures for child protection issues, youth participation and empowerment to defend and promote their rights. This is to build the character of the child while in childhood period better than looking for solutions in adolescence. At the end of the workshop, a cooperation mechanism had been proposed between the Child Prosecution and the SOS Children’s Village in Palestine by suggesting to sign a joint agreement of understanding which will be discussed later between the parties.

Head Of The Juvenile Protection Office Visits SOS Children’s Villages And Meets Children