Huda is a woman who has raised her seven children since childhood without a breadwinner. Her husband passed away 6 years ago. At the age of 35 years old, she had no job and no income, feeling inadequate because of her inability to fulfil the needs of her children. Her husband’s death almost caused the loss of her children. The eldest son left his studies at university to work and support his siblings. Thus Huda lost hope that her son would learn and have a better future to support his siblings in return.

“I am patient and resistant woman , I lived in very difficult circumstances after my husband died. I also have cancer which I resisted and still resist. I endured all this for my children and for their reunion,” Huda said.

Huda joined the Family Strengthening Programme at SOS Children’s Villages Palestine in 2016 and accompanied the psychosocial support sessions with a group of women in her village which were provided by Family Strengthening Programme councillor. Huda was able to have the courage to join a project management course with the same group and then be eligible to apply and get the programme support for the idea of a home appliances store. Within three years she changed her family’s life for the better.

“I always dreamt that I had something in my own hands to spend on my children without the need of anyone, to feel that I have my own say in society, and do not wait for the sympathy of people”

After the family joined the programme, the eldest son returned to his studies. Huda was able to support her children by relying on herself. Despite her suffering, she could spread hope, safety and stability to her family, especially her younger child Ahmed.

“Now I love myself and became known in my surroundings for courage. I am happy with the existence of my children around me, we became stable after I got the project and I am happy to have people to support me and my children psychologically and economically until we reached this stability “