Injaz Palestine signed a memorandum of understanding with SOS Children’s Villages Organization, in the field of holding training courses for SOS youth regarding work and leadership skills, with the aim of developing their capabilities and qualifying them in different life aspects. The General Director of Injaz Palestine, Rania Qattinah, and the National director of SOS Palestine Muhammad Al Shalaldeh signed the memorandum together at SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem.

According to the signed memorandum, a number of joint programs and activities will be implemented between the two parties in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial knowledge and work readiness, targeting young people in order to develop their practical skills and enhance their opportunities at labor market, in addition to consolidating the concepts of volunteer and collective work.

For her part, Qutaina expressed the importance of the partnership with SOS, which has an important social impact and role, to work together in building the capabilities of youth and empowering them.

Al Shalaldeh added that this cooperation constitutes an important aspect in building youth capabilities and enhancing their employment opportunities upon graduation to the labor market, as SOS currently work with around 300 young men and women within its programs and seeks to integrate them into the labor market and direct their experiences to better serve their community.

Qutaina explained that Injaz would work with SOS to implement interactive workshops aimed at developing new additional competencies among the participants to help them identify community needs, and implement initiatives that meet these needs in partnership with the relevant authorities.

Injaz Palestine And SOS Children’s Villages Palestine Starts Cooperation For The Benefit Of SOS Youth