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SOS Children’s Villages takes action for children as an independent non-governmental social development organization. We build families for children in need, we help them shape the development of the community, we respect varying religions and cultures, and we work in countries and communities where our mission can contribute to development.

Position Title: Misconduct Incident Management Officer (MIMO)

Line Manager: National Child Safeguarding Advisor

Status: Full Time

Contract Type: Limited Contract

Location: Children’s Village Programme Rafah

Child Safeguarding Commitment:

SOS Children’s Villages works with children’s and youth. Any applicant he/she should act in a way that safeguards children and youth from all forms of discrimination, abuse, mistreatment and neglect, and will keep data about the children and youth in SOS Children’s Villages programmes confidential. He/she will report all concerns regarding actual or potential child abuse, mistreatment or any other violation of the Child Protection Policy according to our reporting and responding system. For sure, He/she would be protected and supported by the organization.

Equal Opportunity Employer:

SOS Children’s Villages is an equal opportunity employer and values. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Position Summary:

The Misconduct Incident Management Officer “MIMO” will ensure that accountability and complaint mechanisms are in place and fully functional.  Also, he/she will manage incidents sent to him/her by the National Incident Management Team (NIMT) on child, adults, and assets safeguarding, within Rafah Village’s Alternative Care (AC) programme, Family Strengthening (FS, FS2) programme, and the implemented projects including; the Emergency Response Project (ERP),in aim to enhance the implementation of SOS’s Code of Conduct,  Sexual Misconduct Regulation (PSHEA), Misconduct Incident Management Regulation, Misconduct Investigation Regulation, Child and Youth Safeguarding Regulation and Policy, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Regulation  and other related policies and principles.

In coordination and under the supervision from the NIMT, the MIMO will contribute to greater integration of the SOS policies and regulations, by conducting data collection of misconduct complaints and implementing support plans to mitigate misconduct risks.

Main clients:

  • National Child Safeguarding Advisor.
  • National Incident Management Team & National Child Safeguarding Team.
  • National Director.
  • M&E Advisor – Accountability to Affected Population (AAP) focal point.

Key performance areas and main responsibilities:

Report child and youth safeguarding, adult safeguarding, and assets safeguarding concerns in Rafah CV to the NIMT:  

  • Receives information from SOS beneficiaries including the ERP and classify it to misconduct complaint or feedback and refer it to the responsible person whether it is the M&E Advisor in case the received information classifies as feedback, or to the NIMT in case the received information calcifies as a misconduct incident.
  • Support establishing diverse and contextually appropriate mechanisms that enable communities to report feedbacks and misconduct incidents.
  • Responsible for monitoring complaint mechanisms regularly.
  • Responsible to report any Safeguarding suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately, and according to Safeguarding reporting procedures.
  • Responsible to register all Safeguarding concerns and complaints in Case Register immediately following Incident Management regulation reporting procedures (within 24 hours) and inform NIMT accordingly.
  • Disclose any conflict of interest related to the reported safeguarding incident to the NIMT.
  • Ensure the availability of diverse reporting channels in programme and accessibility of children and young people and adults to those channels.
  • Proactively identify victims/survivors of past abuse.
  • Prepare monthly written status reports on incidents registered in case register to the NIMT.


Data collection:

  • Conduct data collection on complaints referred to him/her by the NIMT related to child safeguarding, adults safeguarding, and assets safeguarding.
  • Coordinate with the NIMT and receive directions on how tools could be used for assessment and information collection.
  • Ensure a proper documentation and evidence-based data collection, including by presenting visual, written, vocal records.
  • Ensure management and maintenance of all the documents related to the incident.
  • Ensures confidentiality of the collected data and Information sharing based on the need-to-know principle.
  • Able to discover risks during data collection and take the needed precautions.

Respond to all the reported safeguarding concerns and incidents in Rafah CV:

  • Ensure that responding measures start within 48 hours after registration in the Case register.
  • Ensure that management decisions are obtained throughout an incident management process.
  • Develop individual support plans for the survivors/victims based on coordination with NIMT, and ensure that the victim’s needs are met in a timely manner, and follow up on the implementation of the individual support plans.
  • Ensure proper closing of the cases.
  • Document lesson learned as per the incident management findings.
  • Follow up with the designated manager on decisions taken on recommended disciplinary actions in order to update incident management documentation accordingly.

Prevent and mitigate possible safeguarding risks for children and young people, adults, and assets:

  • Contribute to annual self-assessment in coordination with the national incident management team based on learnings from incident management process.
  • Contribute to conducting annual program risk assessment and follow up on mitigation actions.
  • Provide support to the National Safeguarding team in defining priorities in the area of Safeguarding and developing an action plan.
  • Coordinate with National Incident Management team to assess Safeguarding risks for new activities conducted in the program based on learnings from Misconduct incident management process.
  • Support the National Incident Management Team in conducting child and youth , Adult, and assets Safeguarding audits and other relevant activities with the children and staff.
  • Receive monthly reports from the local safeguarding teams and contribute to the report before sending it to National Incident Management Team.

Ensure accountability within implemented projects, including the ERP:

  • Document and sharing of knowledge and emerging practices on AAP.
  • Communicate and disseminate AAP procedures, best practices and tools as appropriate to program participants, project staff and other stakeholders
  • Support in establishing diverse and contextually appropriate mechanisms that enable communities to provide feedback on programs and submit complaints, and that activate appropriate processes and procedures to provide a timely response.
  • Support establishing diverse and child friendly participatory methods and feedback mechanisms.
  • Participate in AAP and Safeguarding working groups.

Child Safeguarding (CS)

  • Responsible within own area of work to raise awareness of the SOS Child Protection Policy principles and to prevent and protect children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination
  • Responsible to report any CS suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately, following Child Safeguarding reporting procedures. CS reports should be made to the IOR CS focal person and/or to the respective line manager.

Qualifications and Competencies for the position:

Must Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law,  Social Work, or a relevant subject.
  • At least 3 years of experience working directly in a relevant field.
  • Profound knowledge of Child Safeguarding, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse, Value Based conduct, and prevention of corruption.
  • High ability in observation and monitoring, especially during fieldwork/visits.
  • Ability to conduct case assessment/data collection using creative tools and strong communication skills.
  • Ability to combine field and office work.

Competencies – knowledge, skills, abilities

  • Experience in investigation of child abuse, sexual abuse, adult to adult abuse, and corruption.
  • Good knowledge of social welfare policies, services, and laws at the national level, inculding the Palestinian Penal Code.
  • Good knowledge of child development, family functioning, human behavior and social environment.
  • Knowledge of social work ethics, theories and methods related to working with children and families.
  • Understanding of cultural diversity, and the characteristics of special target groups.
  • Good time management, organisational and administrative skills.
  • A team player who is culturally astute, respectful and tolerant.
  • Readiness for professional development.
Interested candidates must send their Cover Letter including related job achievements, CV, and three traceable references to:

Recruitment@sos-palestine.org by Wednesday 24/01/2024

Indicating in the subject line: Misconduct Incident Management Officer

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted Applications after deadline will be excluded. Applications not conforming to the conditions will not be considered.

Misconduct Incident Management Officer – Rafah