The SOS Children’s Villages in Palestine representative Mr. Mohamed Shalaldeh hosted a ministerial delegation including Dr. Nasser Qatami, head of the Arab and Islamic Funds Authority and representative in the Administrative Committee of Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds funds, Dr. Samir Salamah the deputy of the Ministry of Labor, and Mr.Raslan Abu Reihan the Ministry of Labor directorate in Bethlehem representative.

The visit comes as part of the efforts of SOS Palestine to strengthen the partnership and cooperation with government institutions that support and enable young men and women to access the labor market according to the National Strategy for Youth Employment followed by the Ministry of Labor.

In addition, Dr. Qatami presented suggestions to highlight the needs of the children’s village, and emphasized on the continuation of the support of the SOS Children’s Villages. Dr. Salama emphasized on the continuity of work within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed by the Ministry of Labor with the SOS Children’s Village Palestine and the need to expand it to ensure the continued rehabilitation and empowerment of youth And young women to access labor market. The delegation also visited the children’s houses in the village and learned about its mechanism and its management by the mothers.

Mr. Mohammed Shalaldeh welcomed attendees by thanking them for the visit which reflects the vision and mission of the governmental sector regarding the issue of supporting and encouraging the work of humanitarian organizations and institutions operating in Palestine.

Ministerial Delegation Visited The SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem