Ooredoo Palestine signed a sponsorship agreement with SOS Children’s Villages Organization Palestine, to support and sponsor a children’s village house in Rafah, in the presence of the CEO of Ooredoo Palestine Dr. Dergham Marei, and the Chairman of the Advisory Board for SOS Children’s Villages, Mr. Talal Nasir El Din.

Following the CEO of Ooredoo Palestine, Dr. Dargham Marei on the sidelines of signing the agreement: “Ooredoo Palestine views its social responsibility towards our homeland Palestine with great interest, and we believe in the humanitarian message offered by SOS Children’s Villages, and we value the role it plays to protect promising Palestinian generations and create a family atmosphere for them, striving to make them active members in the Building Palestinian society and compensating them for what they lost.
Dr. added. Marei: “This care comes as part of the societal contribution that we are proud to provide to our Palestinian society, through which we try to reach the various segments of our society, and to provide everything necessary to develop the capabilities of people and institutions that need support and assistance.”

For his part, the Chairman of the Advisory Council for SOS Children’s Villages Palestine, Mr. Talal Nasser El-Din, praised the societal role played by Ooredoo and valued its efforts in caring for the various groups of Palestinian society, and expressed the importance of these agreements, which will contribute to providing an incubating environment for a group of children who lost their families and works to provide an incubating environment for them.

He also thanked the National Director of SOS Children’s Villages Palestine, Mr. Muhammad Al-Shalaldeh, on behalf of Ooredoo for sponsoring the house in the SOS Children’s Village in Rafah, being the first Palestinian company to sponsor a home within the SOS Children’s Village in Rafah.

Ooredoo Palestine Supports SOS Children’s Villages with a Full House Sponsorship