Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC)

In November 2015, the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) signed a 3-year sponsorship agreement with SOS Children’s Villages –

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Palestine to start in 2016. APIC supports SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine’s Family Sponsorship Program In November 2015, the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) signed a 3-year sponorship agreement with SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine to start in 2016. APIC supports SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine’s Family Sponsorship Programme and Education for a Better Future Programme. Through the agreement, APIC became the first Palestinian company to join SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine’s Family Sponsorship Programme, a unique programme which connects the company with one family at one of the children’s villages with whom they can develop a personal relationship and see the progress of the children living in this family.

APIC Testimonial
“APIC aims at keeping a smile on the faces of the children of SOS and equip them with quality education as a key for a better future. APIC’s support will contribute to enabling SOS Children’s Villages- Palestine to fulfill its humanitarian mission in providing stable, secure and loving care for children who lost their parental care.”


Bank of Palestine

provides its support to SOS Children’s Villages Palestine out of its belief as part of its corporate social responsibility.

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The Bank offers its support to SOS Children’s Villages Palestine out of its belief in the importance of its mission in Palestine through its various activities in family empowerment programs and assisting orphans to live in a suitable educational and social environment, as part of a humanitarian, national, social, ethical cause that needs support.

Bank of Palestine Testimonial :

The visions shared between the Bank of Palestine and SOS Children’s Villages Palestine aim to have positive consequences and effects upon children, families and the Palestinian community in general.


Shadi W Ana Charitable Society

A charitable society that takes care of children whom been oppressed in their life and deprived of living within their loving families, as well as children whom lost paternal care and live within specialized organizations.

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The children’s ages of the society are among 1 to 16 years old. Those include:

  1. Illegitimate Children
  2. Children in dire social and economic hardships
  3. Children of unknown parents

The charity is campaigning since a year and a half, in which had been launched as an initiative through Facebook entitled “little from me and little from you could make a lot of people happy”. “Shadi W Ana” now collects several donations and provide everything that makes a child’s heart happy, such as sweets, clothes, shoes, toys, and many other things that enlightens children’s hearts.

In its first field visit for a group of children Shadi W Ana had been moved by a little child among them who kissed and hugged a small bag of sweets, this child was four years old and named Shadi. So, the name Shadi W Ana came up and the charity had been named after him. “Shadi” is for every child living in an institution away from his or her loving family. “Ana” is every “Me” person who loves to give from the bottom of his and her heart.

 The Charity’s Activities:

The charity includes 40 young volunteers who come from ordinary families, and have a deep belonging to the charity in which they prepare all children’s needs including packaging for clothes, shoes and other gifts.  Volunteers visit several children’s organizations in different places such as Bethlehem, Nazareth, etc. They also deliver different stuff and implement delightful activities for children with the help of clowns and specialized children councilors.

Volunteers dedicate time for children and communicate with them in order to bridge the gaps and build bridges with children whom been aggrieved in life. Our future vision had to be highlighted, which is building bridges of a happy life for those children as they deserve to feel valuable and important through our giving.

Our future work is not limited to delivering grants and implementing joyous activities for children. We aim to maintain our future vision which is building bridges of a happy life for those children.


The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

The PCRF is a non-political, non-profit organization .  The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund was founded in 1991 in the USA to address the medical needs of Arab children in the Middle East.

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The PCRF project granted to SOS Children’s Villages aims to help by providing sources room equipment for the special education to the kids living in the village to be educated after school .



Royal Industrial Trading Company

Royal Industrial Trading Company is supporting SOS Children’s Villages since 2017 , its a young and fast growing company.

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As a leading Palestinian manufacturer of advanced pipe systems and innovative plastic products, with over 20 years’ experience. They are specialized in many plastic production fields for the Palestinian and global markets – water supply, indoor & outdoor furniture, household, doormats, and fireplaces.They have very strong R&D capability. Most importantly, have a dedicated team who are ready to provide efficient and professional services.

Royal Testimonial 

Royal attaches great importance to the social responsibility of the local community in the fields of health, culture, environment and education, and contributes effectively to support the programs of SOS Children’s Villages because of its importance in serving the most important pillar in society, namely the family.


Paltel Group Foundation

Every year, PalTel Group Foundation, provides SOS youth with scholarships for university or vocational training as part of their PalTel Group Scholarships Program.

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In 2016, 7 SOS youth from the West Bank and Gaza received full or partial scholarships from PalTel Group’s Scholarships Program for their studies.

PalTel Group Foundation Testimonial

“PalTel Group Foundation believes in the right of every child without family care to have a life of health, education and social welfare.  This belief is reflected in initiatives and programmes which support different aspects of Palestinian society, such as PalTel Group Scholarships Program for university and vocational training scholarships, of which annual scholarships are awarded to orphaned youth from care homes.

We are proud of our cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine, which provide a safe and healthy haven filled with a family friendly atmosphere for children and young people who have lost family care. In addition, the ensure that youth have decent living opportunities so that they can rely on themselves as adults and create a promising future.


The Big Heart Foundation

From January to December 2016, The Big Heart Foundation is sponsoring SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine’s programme in Rafah, Gaza Strip.

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Their sponsorship will directly benefit 424 Palestinian children and youths in Rafah in the Gaza Strip, with 130 kindergarten children, 175 school-age children and 44 youths receiving care in their homes. The project is also providing 10 homes for 75 children who are unable to continue living with their families.  The partnership was arranged through the SOS Children’s Villages International Gulf Area Office.

The Big Heart Foundation is an United Arab Emirates based organization which was launched in June 2015 by H.H. Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, wife of H.H. the Ruler of Sharjah, to coincide with World Refugee Day. In the year since its inception, the humanitarian foundation has contributed to changing the lives of thousands of refugees worldwide, reaching out to Syrian and Palestinian refugees in neighbouring countries and Rohingya Muslims in Indonesia. It is committed to helping displaced people live a dignified life by providing a package of integrated services and aid that includes healthcare, education and direct financial assistance.

The Big Heart Foundation’s Testimonial

“Children are the most vulnerable members of any community, but youngsters living in Palestine are particularly at risk because of the current conditions experienced in that region. These difficult circumstances put immense pressures on families and sometimes it is the children that suffer as a result of these pressures.

“We decided to provide financial aid to SOS Children’s Villages because it has a strong focus on maintaining the strength of the community. Families are the bedrock of a society and sometimes parents and caregivers in the home can benefit from practical help that ensures that they provide an environment for their children to thrive. Where there are cases of children needing to be taken out of their family home in order for them to be safe, the project provides them with a secure and nurturing environment.”

~Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of ‘Salam Ya Seghar’ an initiative of The Big Heart Foundation