SOS Children’s Villages Palestine is building partnerships to ensure the best quality family care for children. The most important partner is the Palestinian Ministry of Social Development. As part of this, a workshop had been held between SOS Children’s Villages and the child protection advisers in all development directorates. A number of protection counselors participated in addition to the Director of the Department of Childhood in the Ministry Mr. Mohammed Al-Qurum the staff of SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem.

The meeting focused on the developed programmes of SOS Children’s Villages Palestine and the Gatekeeping “Ensuring the most suitable care settings for children without adequate parental care”, as well as the issues of children beneficiaries from the services provided by SOS Palestine.

This cooperation comes from the belief that partnering with government institutions to provide quality care for children without parental care is essential, in addition to closing the gap in the need for these services.

Protection Social Workers At Ministry Of Social Development Introduced To SOS Gatekeeping