All children should live in a family that will support them to reach their full potential

Rana is a ten years old child who lives at SOS Children’s Village in Rafah and studies at Herman Gmeiner School in Rafah. She won in the Art Competition at school with her SOS mother support.

As a child, Rana watched her friends read and write and tried to imitate them. She couldn’t do so at the beginning. Rana used to be silent and never participated in activities with other children, nor had been able to talk about her dreams or wishes. Now, she is more active and energetic after years of hard work and dedication when her SOS mother helped her to overcome all difficulties.

“Her smile is back, I can see her bright eyes happy more than ever” says her SOS Mother

Rana holding her painting after winning the first level in Herman Gmeiner School Contest.

Her sister supports her whenever she needs : ” I love celebrating my winning with her” says Rana.

After winning the second level in Arts Contest at Rafah Governorate Schools’ Contest, she gained more confidence and self-esteem to aspire to become an artist. She dedicated her won to her SOS family.

Rana Reached Her Full Potential Due To Her SOS Mother Support