Security and Privacy Policy

Where and why does SOS Children’s Villages Palestine collect information on or through the website?

We do not ask you for any personal information if you are just visiting our website. However, to help us continually to learn and improve our content and services, data is collected in an anonymous and aggregated manner, for example the number of visitors to certain pages or the use of such features as subscription and donations.

Some personal data such as name, address and preferences are collected when you register on our website and when you sign up for a sponsorship. The data you provide enables us to give you information in a personalised manner. For example if you sign-up for our newsletter, which is a form of regular support of all SOS Children’s Villages Palestine activities in a specific town or village, you will receive news and stories. Registration and sign-up are completely voluntary. Completing the optional fields is your choice.


Does SOS Children’s Villages Palestine share information collected on the website with 3rd parties?

Personal data collected is not distributed, shared, rented or sold to companies or organisations that are not a part of the SOS Children’s Villages’ organisational structure. In the case that administrative services such as credit card processing are required from third parties, such services are acquired under the understanding that all personal information is treated confidentially and only for the purpose of SOS Children’s Villages Palestine.

If compelled by law or some other regulatory authority, SOS Children’s Villages Palestine may share personal information. This is also valid if we have good reason to believe that there has been an inappropriate interference with or use of our website. In such cases we maintain the right to disclose personal information as we deem appropriate, or as asked for by a legal or regulatory authority.

Aggregated, statistical and other non-personal information such as the number of visitors to our website and their use of certain features or services may be shared with third parties working with us, for example for the promotion of our website.

Does SOS Children’s Villages Palestine use addresses collected on the website for sending additional information through e-mails, traditional mail or by other means?

SOS Children’s Villages Palestine sends you additional information by e-mail or direct mail only when you have expressed an interest in this. On our website you can subscribe and unsubscribe to our electronic newsletter at any time.

How can I opt-out of mailing lists for the newsletter?

You are free at any time to unsubscribe from our newsletter. Please contact us by completing the contact form on our website or writing to the e-mail address  :info@sos-palestine.org 

What rules apply if I “click” over to another website?

SOS Children’s Villages Palestine may choose to link its website to the website of third parties in order to provide either a particular service or more in-depth information on a specific topic. However, our Privacy and Security statement no longer applies when you leave the website. It is not possible for us to control the information collected on you by externally linked websites, nor the use of this information. For the policies guiding these third party websites, please consult their respective privacy and security statements.

How does the website of SOS Children’s Villages Palestine provide security and protect confidential information?

SOS Children’s Villages Palestine uses well-recognised and proven technology which offers the highest degree of security that your browser is able to support.