The SOS Children’s Villages Palestine representative Mr. Mohammed Shalaldeh, the National Director and the Ministry of Labor representative Mr.Raslan Abu Rayhan, the Director of the Bethlehem Labor Directorate, both signed a memorandum of understanding and partnership for the implementation of a series of projects for employment and vocational training for SOS youth, in the presence of the staff of the Labor directorate and SOS Children’s Villages National Office.

Mr. Al Shalaldeh welcomed the attendees, explaining the programs and services provided by SOS in Palestine. He discussed the most important future programs and projects to be implemented by the organization in Palestine within the strategic plan 2030 for the SOS children’s villages International, stressing the importance of joint cooperation between the two parties regarding topics dealing with youth, especially employment and vocational training.

For his part, Mr. Raslan Abu Rayhan expressed his pleasure at signing this agreement and welcomed the joint cooperation between the two parties to serve the SOS villages’ youth, which reflects the ministry’s vision of providing support to the Palestinian youth at various levels.

This MOU comes as where Mr. Raslan stressed the need to follow up with the implementation of this agreement in order to ensure the achievement of its’ primary objective.

The memorandum aims to implement a range of activities and programs, including Career Guidance, Academic and Career Development Program, Life Skills Development Program, Be Ready for career Program, Training for Employment Program, and Job Creation Program. In addition to the Ministry of Labor’s Promotion of Community Job Opportunities for the employment of young people with different bodies including chambers of commerce and operating sections.

SOS Children’s Villages Palestine And Ministry Of Labor Signing An MoU