Change a child’s life today !

For the first time, the child is given (home, mother, brothers and sisters) and above all a sense of security, belonging and family atmosphere. Which is vital and important for children’s development and support to grow up.

You can donate without leaving your house or visit the bank through:

Arab Bank : Account # (USD): 9050-707834-510 / Account # (NIS): 9050-707834-570

Bank of Palestine: Account # (NIS): 0452/1057205/099/3000/000  Account # (NIS): 0450/1382955/099/3000/000


Thank You ! your donation will draw a smile on children’s faces.

**Please contact us once you donate through the bank account, in order to receive confirmation with your donation or sponsorship amount. Also, for support and other inquiries please contact us on  WhatsApp : +972594216585