As part of the Youth Can and Youth Links partnership with APIC Group, 14 young people supported by SOS programmes had the chance to visit APIC headquarter to gain insights into how the company works and how they can develop skills and gain experience to build a successful career.

Social responsibility officer Ms. Hanya Salameh, and Mr. Mohammad Hirzallah the internal operations auditor welcomed participants to the site visit.

The field visit included a tour of the different departments at Medical Supplies and Services Company which is part of APIC group, so young people can have a thorough overview of how each department functions. And Ms. Salameh introduced the departments’ managers who will support youth and act as mentors on Youth Links platform in the coming period.  she stated: “during the coming months we will be able to give direct theoretical and practical support for youth”

The visit gave young people the chance to meet employees of SOS corporate partners, and learn from them how to plan for their future, choose their profession, and be ready for labour market.

Mr. Hirzallah also talked about his own experience in labour market, and how he developed his own skills to be qualified for the job. He advised the group to work hard and concentrate on self-esteem skills, how to represent themselves in curriculums, and readiness for career development. So that they will be able to achieve their goals.

Zuhair Zboun SOS Youth Care Coordinator said that: “there will be visits to other companies within APIC group for the rest of year”

The efforts of the programme will concentrate in the coming months on providing guidance for mentors to use Youth Links Platform, and start initiating and answering questions by Youth joining the platform.

It is worth mentioning that Youth Can started with a small pilot group from Bethlehem in West Bank in order to pass this successful experience once accomplished to other targeted areas and beneficiaries in Palestine.

Youth Can Learn Success Factors For Labor Market