Every child needs a loving family. SOS Children’s Villages provides stable, secure and loving care in a family setting for children who have lost their parents or cannot live with their biological family. In a family home, children grow up with an SOS mother, and sisters and brothers. SOS aunts support SOS mothers in caring for their children. Girls and boys of different ages live together. Every effort is made to keep biological siblings together.

Children grow within their SOS families until they are mature enough to lead independent lives. All the children and young people in SOS Children’s Villages have access to quality education from kindergarten through university or vocational training. Together with our partners, SOS Children’s Villages also provide children and young people with access to non-formal education through child group activities, play, tutoring and stimulating informal education environments that support a child’s development. Quality health care is also ensured for all children in the care of SOS Children’s Villages.