Individual donations

You can make the difference for a child…

For the first time, the child is given (home, mother, brothers and sisters) and above all a sense of security, belonging and family atmosphere. Which is vital and important for children’s development and support to grow up.

As an SOS Children’s Villages sponsor or donor you make it possible for a child at risk to grow up in a loving home, with good nutrition, health care and a quality education that will prepare him or her for a bright future.

Sponsorship options

You can sponsor or donate for a house or a family that includes 7-9 children in the SOS Children’s Village along with their SOS mother:

How to give to SOS Children’s Villages – Palestine

1.  Mobile banking applications:

Donation through other ways:

2. Bank deposit or transfer

Bank of Palestine

  • ILS Account Number: 0450/1382955/099/3000/000
    IBAN: PS86 PALS 0450 1382 9550 9930 0000 0
  • USD Account Number: 0450/1382955/001/3000/000
    IBAN: PS04 PALS 0450 1382 9550 0130 0000 0

3.  Pal Pay authorized payment centers:

This is through the approved payment centers of PalPay in all regions, in order to find the nearest authorized payment center close to you.

4. Donate Cash or Check

  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem /Hermann Gmeiner Street-Al Karkafeh:(0)2 2742267
  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village in RafahTel al Sultan Street: 082150240
  • Visit us in SOS Children’s Village National Office in Bethlehem Nazal Building, 4th Floor, Al- Mahd Street: (0)2 276 5671

For support and other inquiries please contact us on :  WhatsApp : +972594216585 / 1700-120-122 /  02 – 2765671 


Dear Donor,

To maintain accurate and quick registration for your contribution, kindly send us a copy of the transfer slip/deposit or online payment you made; kindly send us through WhatsApp: +972594216585

Please expect your receipt on your WhatsApp or your email within two weeks of the payment date. In case you do not receive it within two weeks, please get in touch with us at: receipts@sos-palestine.org

In case of cash donations, which are only available at our National Office in Bethlehem, please ask for your contribution’s receipt on the spot.